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  • What's the best way to travel to Tinos?
    Your location - Mykonos Airport For the fastest and easiest way, we suggest you book a flight to Mykonos Airport (JMK) and take a Ferry to Tinos. —-------------------------------- Mykonos - Tinos 25-30 min sail 17km Schedules frequency: Every day Average duration: 26m For more detailed information and an updated schedule please visit the website : —---------------------------------- Tinos Port - Royal-Ma Resort 10 min drive 4.5 km away We recommend renting a car for your comfort and freedom to explore Tinos villages and attractions. (Rental cars are picked up upon your arrival at Tinos Port) For more information about rental cars please visit the website :
  • Exploring Tinos Island
    Volax: 23 min drive (14 km) The old settlements were built in an area with a unique rocky environment, and the almost spherical granite rocks are a feature of the area that attracts the interest of many visitors. Kardiani: 30 min drive (18 km) The Architecture changes and the marble makes its appearance in the enchanting green village of Kardiani. Stone-built with marbles, marble cobblestones, plane trees, springs, Fantastic sunsets, and abundant sea views frame the village. Ysternia: 37 min drive (22 km) Immediately after Kardiani with a magnificent view with a cluster of old windmills, a port with taverns, and an excellent small beach. Birthplace of many famous sculptures of Artists and touches of marble influence throughout the village. Pyrgos:44 min drive (27 km) The largest village of Tinos. It is located after the hysteria about 25 km from the town of Tinos. Homeland of many famous artists. There is the house of Giannoulis Halepas which has been turned into a museum and a school of fine arts. The whole village is the result of marble, discover it. Panormos: 44 min drive (27 km) Seaside village with visible and hidden beaches. Large selection of food overlooking the port of this small settlement. There are many more villages among those that we described succinctly, after all, Tinos used to number over 60. Some of them are: Steni, Falatados, Mesi, Potamia, Tzados, Kechros, Myrsini, Perastra, Kalloni, Aetofolia, Kato Kleisma, Platia , Marlas, Mamados. Kampos, Tarambados, Smardakito: 55 min drive (34 km) Walk and discover the three villages that are full of pigeons and are next to each other with paths that lead you to springs, arches, orchards, valleys, and the Tsoklis Museum in Kampos.
  • Tinos Hotspots
    Bars Kaktos bar 10 min drive (5 km) See you again - 10 min drive (4 km) Santiago - 10 min drive (4 km) - - Our Favorite Callas Gastromusic - 10 min drive (4.1 km) OmmA Tinos - 10 min drive (5.5 km) NERO' - 5 min drive (2.7 km) Veranda Tinos - 11 min drive (5.2 km) Restaurants Marathia 4 min drive (1.8 km) Like Salt - 5 min drive (2.5 km) Pranzo - 8 min drive (3.7 km) Mikro Karavi - 8 min drive (3.8 km) Napule - 20 min drive (8 km) - - Our Favorite Beach Bar Pegu - 3 min drive (1.3 km) Bianco Beach House - 21 min drive (9.7 km) - Our Favorite Sundra Beach Bar - 10 min drive (4.3 km) Cape Beach Bar - 3 min drive (1.5km) Coffee shops - Taxidi - 8 min drive (3.7 km) Cardoon - 7 min drive (3.6 km) Tenok - 7 min drive (3.8 km) Mikro - 10 min drive (4 km) Holy Hood - 10 min drive (4 km) Myrtilo - 10 min drive (4 km) Antilalos - 10 min drive (4 km) - Our Favorite Tinos winery Volacus Wine - 20 min drive (12 km) Vaptistis Winery - 25 min (14 km) - Our Favorite T-OINOS Winery & Vineyards - 24 min (14 km)
  • Do you offer breakfast?
    Yes, we offer a buffet style breakfast from 08:00-10:30 am (included in reservation)
  • Do you have rooms for families with kids?
    Yes, most of our rooms are suitable to accommodate families. From suites with separate bedrooms to spacious detached units for large families.
  • How to rent a car in the Island?
    Luckily for you, we have a very cooperative representative in the "Doromos" car rental company to suit you with a car based on your needs. you can contact the company at (+30) 6936188200 or via the website : Alternatively, you can visit our other partners at : use our code for upgrades & benefits - royal-ma2024
  • Where can I park my car?
    We offer our resort guests a private parking area free of charge.
  • Do you have a Bar?
    Sure. The resort pool bar is open from 10:30 AM right after breakfast, for you to relax and soak in the fantastic panoramic views with something to eat and drink throughout the day.
  • Do you have a Spa?
    Our Resort provides in- room massage services for your convenience. contact our concierge to book a session in advance.
  • Can I stay in the resort the whole duration?
    Yes, for those you seek a complete relaxation and rejuvenation we offer light meals and snacks from morning till night.
  • What are the check-in and out times?
    Check-in at 15:00 and check-out at 11:00 *if you need any help regarding check-out time, don't hesitate to get in touch with our concierge service, and we'll be happy to assist you upon availability.
  • About the Royal-Ma concierge service
    Our guests can contact the concierge services for reservations for restaurants, attraction information, and room services.
  • Who can contact the concierge service?
    Only resort guests will benefit from the Royal-Ma concierge service and will get the concierge number upon check-in.
  • Explore our actions for a more ecological resort
    Reduce, re-use and recycle Dual flush toilets to save water Installation of low energy light bulbs Walk-in showers to encourage guests to use the shower instead of the bath resulting in water saving Minimal chemical use in housekeeping and grounds Dedicated recycling unit Rainwater harvesting for use in the Garden Addition of thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation Replace bed linen every two days unless on request Refillable chemical containers Re-use towels on guest request Recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, polythene wrappers, tin cans, plastic cups and batteries. Employ local staff only & employ local contractors Use local produce where possible recycling coffee capsules
  • Is it possible to celebrate events at Royal-Ma
    Yes, please write us to -
  • Do you offer landury services?
    Yes, Resort guest can sent clothes for laundry. (Paid service)
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